Your first real robot the easy way, learn all the basics

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Jan 01, 2013 Posted by Abhimanyu

Your first real robot the easy way

Jan 01, 2013 Posted by Abhi Raj

Everything here is so easy, that after you have gone through it, you can make a robot in a couple of hours. Why cant you do that now?
Because there are so many little things you need to know. This is an attempt to let you know excactly all these little things, and nothing more. Fast, and based on 2 years of experience of what people need to know to get started. If you hurry, you can run through this, and be robot builder in a couple of hours. But expect to use a good weekend - Learning takes time - even though it is very easy, it just takes some time, all the little things to get to know :)
There are other "How to get started building robots" out there. This one is focusing on getting you around everything extremely fast. You need no knowledge of .. anything. And you will learn everything.. well, the basics of everything ;)original.jpg