Super Simple Beginners Robot

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Jan 01, 2013 Posted by Abhimanyu

Super Simple Beginners Robot

Jan 01, 2013 Posted by Abhi Raj

This little robot is nothing more than a simple plywood platform that carries a couple of modified model airplane servos as the main drive system, a microcontroller and a IR sensor. I designed in plenty of room to expand and add on. You should be able to build it in about 3 hours if you have the parts on hand.

The microcontroller I chose is the OOPic R. I picked this micro because the dozens of built in objects and sample codes make it easy for the beginner to get up and running quickly. They can be found from any of the major robot parts suppliers for usually less than 60 bucks. Get the starter kit as it has a programming cable and battery clip included.
You can use any microcontroller as long as you can plug a servo directly into it (that shortens the list, lol).

The servos listed are all Hitec HS-311 model airplane servos found at nearly any hobby shop for less than 10 bucks in some cases.

The IR sensor is a Sharp GP2D12 Analog unit available from Digikey . Any of the GP2D12XXX analog series will do the job.

The Tailwheel is a simple Dubro .20-.40 model airplane 1" wheel with mount. Pick one up at the hobby shop where you get your servos.

The wood base is a scrap piece of 1/4 inch birch plywood and the servo / sensor mount is a scrap piece of just about anything wooden. I used a piece of fir.

I made the billet aluminum wheels myself but you can use any wheel designed for servo attachment.

The rest of the robot consists of a few screws and some electrical standoff


Tools and Materials
Parts list:
-ooPic R Microcontroller
(note - You can use whichever microcontroller you are comfortable with)
-Sharp GP2D12 With wired JST connector
-Billet Aluminum Wheels/Tires (or equivelent)
-Hitec HS-311 Servos, Modified
-Super Glue
-.5 X 1 inch Double Sided Tape
-1/4 inch Plywood and a piece of scrap wood
-Dubro .20-.40 RC Airplane Tailwheel assmbly
-Misc. spaces/standoffs and screws/nuts-9 Volt battery
-Heat shrink tubing 1/16 x 3 inches
-3 standard female crimp pins (do not panic if you cant get them)
-Paint *optional
-9 volt battery


-Misc Small Screwdrivers
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Drill and bits
-Soldering Iron
-Sharp Pencil